5 Tips for Repurposing a Closet

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Clever Ideas to Make the Most of Your Closet Space

If you’ve ever moved from a home to an apartment, you know firsthand how to make the most of the space that you’ve been given. And even though spacious apartment floor plans have drastically changed the game, repurposing your apartment closet for a different use is definitely worth a shot – in some cases, it’ll even make you feel as though you have an extra room. Here are five easy tips for repurposing a closet, and the ways you should go about doing so:

1.     Stash away your modes of transportation. 

Commuting is a large part of everyday life for apartment dwellers – especially when their apartment community has a convenient location next to public transit’s train stations or bus stops, or in a bustling area surrounded by businesses. If you rely on a bicycle, skateboard, longboard, or rollerblades to get to and from work, the grocery store, or a local bar, try using your closet as a place to stash your modes of transportation. Since apartment owners typically don’t have access to a garage where home owners would normally keep these types of items, a closet is the next best thing to storage space for them. A bonus? You won’t need to worry about anyone tripping over these items, or having them dirty up your space.

2.     Make guests feel welcome. 

Mudrooms are the perfect addition to any place of residency, apartment or not – they offer a place to store things as soon as people enter through the front door, making it feel that much more cozy and welcoming for guests. If your apartment has a closet close to the entryway, turn it into a place for gathering your company’s jackets, shoes, pocketbooks and umbrellas. If your apartment community is pet-friendly, you can also use this as a place to keep leashes, extra collars and treats for your cat or dog. Wicker baskets offer a tasteful and trendy means of keeping things organized, as well as coat hangers, hat stands, and extra hooks. Feel free to decorate your new mudroom with a “welcome” sign or picture frames to make it feel that much more inviting.

3.     Create a private, home office.

You can convert your closet into a tiny office space. Set up the desk along the back wall, using it as the focal point for the rest of your design. Depending on your style, you can add a traditional rolling chair, or a pretty upholstered one for seating. Cubed storage units can be purchased at multiple retailers at an extremely decent price, and there are also a handful of bookshelves that can stack on top of desks to leave you with even more room. Add a cute house plant, desktop toys or anything else you need to get inspired! This closet repurposing hack works well for any apartment renter who works from home frequently, or has a ton of college (or high school) homework to get done.

4.     Envision a small-scale library.

Those who spend their free time catching up on a good book can turn one of their apartment closets into a sanctuary for all of their coveted content. Cover each wall with a bookshelf, organizing by genre, in alphabetical order, or any way you’d like – the possibilities are endless. If you don’t have too many paperbacks and hardcovers to store, you can even add a stool or bean bag chair toward one one of the corners for your reading pleasure. For those who have a kindle, tablet or any other type of digital book copies readily available, you can set up a charging station in your small-scale book nook so that you’ll always be ready to read at your convenience – and so that you never forget to keep the power source running!

5.     Use it as a cozy seating space.  

The apartment owners who love to entertain can have even more of a reason to do so, thanks to a closet-turned-seating-area. This works well if the closet is located inside of the living room, but could work just as well in a bedroom. Place a cushioned bench, a set of chairs, bean bags, oversized pillows – or a combination – inside of the space; some of these seating options will work better than others, depending on the size of the closet. Place a basket inside of the new seating area containing a few throws, and a rug to really tie the look together.

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