Ways to Get Active in Fairfax, VA


Doing anything is always better than doing nothing. The main point to being active is to get up and get moving, as opposed to just watching TV all day. Sedentary lifestyles are tough to break, but it’s extremely encouraging to hear that physical activity doesn’t always involvetraditional exercise. Active people look for all types of fun opportunities to integrate physical activity into their daily routines. For those living in Fairfax, VA, try getting active with these easygoing suggestions.

Running (Or Walking) for a Cause

Look into walks for causes that you’re passionate about. You can get active in Fairfax, while paying it forward to the community. Social responsibility is a wonderful feeling. Maybe you should volunteer- it’s a great way to get active and feel like you belong. Time will fly when you are doing something you care about, and the calories will also fly.

Trip to the Beach

Jogging in the sand is a killer exercise. Take a trip to one of the beautiful Virginia beaches and try working out. Before you soak up the sunrays while eating saltwater taffys with your kids, you should at least try to work up sweat. Just make sure you pack your beach essentials so you can still have fun with your family afterwards, as in post bikini bod.

Camping Trip

Take your family on a getaway away from the hustle and bustle of Fairfax. Reserve a campsite and ditch the daily grind. You don’t have to be the most experienced camper to enjoy backpacking in the wide-open wilderness. Whether you are walking through the woods or going on a swim in the lake, you and your family will bond while being active.

Outdoor Activities

There’s no better way to get active in Fairfax, then going outside and making the best of the great outdoors. Outdoor activities are active by nature, such as paddle boarding or kayaking. In Fairfax, you should definitely join in on the activities offered at Burke Lake Park. There’s fishing, rowboat rentals, camping, volleyball courts, an 18-hole par 3 golf course, horse shoe pits, picnic areas, playgrounds, trails, and more!

Head to the Amusement Park

Plan a trip to the amusement park and give in to the demands of your children. The bigger the park, the more miles you’ll walk. And the best part about all the walking you’ll do, is the chances that you won’t even realize it since you’ll be too busy having fun.

Take a Walking Tour

George Washington used to get active in Fairfax. You can go on a self-guided walking tour and explore Fairfax’s historical buildings for something different to do. The buildings included are the Fairfax Court House, Ratcliffe-Allison House, William Gunnell House, and many others.

Skate at Fairfax Ice Arena

Public skating is an exciting, aerobic activity that promotes lower body fitness and coordination. It’s also very nostalgic for adults looking for fun ways to get active. The Fairfax Ice Arena has a gigantic selection of skating equipment for residents looking to get started.

Attend Events

As with most cities, you can always get outside and off your couch by attending local events. In Fairfax, residents look forward to getting active and attending annual events like the Chocolate Lovers Festival, Celebrate Fairfax, Fourth of July Fireworks, Fairfax County Fair, Fall for Fairfax Festival, or the Fairfax Four Miler.

Smithsonian Museums 

You can’t always engage in high impact activities. Sometimes you need to slow it down and take it easy. You can always incorporate slower paced activities, like the cultural experiences of a museum, into your more active lifestyle. Check out the museums of the Smithsonian Institute, such as the Air and Space Museum or the National Portrait Gallery.

National Zoo

Get out the house and go walking around your local zoo. It’s enriching to visit the big cats and giant panda bears. Here in Fairfax, the kids love the petting zoo at Smithsonian Zoological Park.

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